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Thursday / March 22, 2018


            ** Operation Stormwatch **


2 Hour Delay


** Southern Columbia


Harry Mathias

One of the toughest thing for a school superintendent is predicting the winter weather... where snowfall is concerned. Take for example Central Columbia Superintent Harry Mathias... it wasn't snowing initially Wednesday... but as dawn broke... the heavens were breaking loose. The snow forced the postponement of districts throughout the area. By the way... it now appears that the last day of school for Central will be June 11th.


Danville Spring Sports

Taxpayers in the Danville Area School District will be paying 70 – percent more to pay folks who are spring coaches. The Press – Enterprise is reporting in Thursday's edition... that's 38 – thousand dollars a year more than last year at this time. Falling under the new schedule are coaches for track and field... baseball... softball.. tennis... field hockey, soccer and lacrosse. The school board approving the increase... which had not been raised in seven or eight years.


Game Commission
The head of the Pennsylvania Game Commission appeared before state lawmakers Wednesday to deliver an annual report that included some good news. Game Commission director Bryan Burhans told lawmakers that big game hunting is booming in Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth ranks very high nationally in some important hunting statistics...but he also says it's getting more and more difficult to keep many people interested in hunting. He says the decline began in 1983 and hasn't slowed down. Lawmakers asked Burhans about allowing Sunday hunting - an idea he supports as a way to spark more interest.


Better Communication
The need for better communication among state agencies was brought out at this week's joint public hearing on pipeline safety. Chester County Senator Andrew Dinniman questioned why the Department of Environmental Protection, given its lack of expertise in the area, did not immediately contact the Public Utility Commission regarding incidents in which sinkholes formed near the Mariner East 1 pipeline in Chester County. But DEP official Domenic Rocco said there's better communication between the two agencies since the first sinkhole incident last November.


Wilkes – Barre School

The Wilkes-Barre Area School District has released drawings of its proposed new high school. The architectural renderings show a sprawling high school building that would be built near the district’s Solomon Plains Complex in Plains Township. The district plans to merge Coughlin and Meyers High Schools into this new location. The district originally planned to build at the site of Coughlin in downtown Wilkes-Barre but that plan was shot down.


Reforming Child Welfare
Legislation headed to the state Senate floor would begin the process of reforming the child welfare system in Pennsylvania. The bill unanimously approved by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee would establish a commission made up of members from all three branches of government-executive, judicial and legislative. The bill is in response to last year's State of the Child report from Auditor General Eugene DePasquale. In 2016, 46 children in Pennsylvania died from neglect or abuse, with almost half of them in the foster care system.


Kidde Recall

The U-S Consumer Product Safety Commission is calling for a recall of nearly a half – million Kidde smoke alarms nationwide. The defective alarms had a risk of failure to alert consumers to a fire. About 452,000 Kidde dual-sensor smoke alarms sold in the U.S. and another 40,000 sold in Canada may be defective. The issue is a yellow cap possibly left on the smoke alarm during the manufacturing process that may cover one of two sensors, compromising its ability to detect smoke.





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