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Matt Pelton

Account Representative

My wife and I were raised in Bloomsburg, and now live in Danville by way of a twelve year journey. I remember going to the original WHLM station in the 80's to collect prizes and meeting Bob Gale. I was enamored by everything there and thought he had the coolest job in the world.

My first 'real' job was with a music store at the Columbia mall (yes, I was there for the grand opening 1989). I thought, I now had the greatest job in the world: Electronics, music and people who loved the same thing I did... Music! I loved everyday I went to my job. I learned about music that I never considered listening to like Jazz and Classical, Pop and New Wave (I was a punk through and through). But then,the company was sold. I had to reapply for my job and was concerned that I would be passed up over those who had been with the company longer and were full time. Well guess what, I became the full time department manager for music and soon after, assistant store manager. And so began our twelve year journey...

We had the opportunity to move around the country; state to state and city to city. We were able to experience different regions of the country. Some great, some not so much, and found so many similarities and differences to where we were from. It was a blast for a young couple.

As I said, we spent twelve years traveling, and one night over dinner, I asked my good wife “Do you want to go home?” Her answer was simple and plain, “You don't have to ask me twice!”. And so, on a wing and a prayer, we left Cincinnati and moved back to Bloomsburg, and a couple months later, bought a house in Danville; where we have resided for the last 16 years with our fur kids, Max (Bubbs), Milo (Red Devil), April (Grape Ape) and now our newest fur kid, Ursa (Gummy Bear).

We both are locally minded. For heck's sake, we grew up here and want to see the region grow. I had the opportunity to learn a lot from traveling around, and now I want to put some of the knowledge to use for the local community. I want to see that 'great golden strip' that was promised in the 80's between Berwick, Bloomsburg and Danville come to fruition.

So, now here we are back to the beginning: Back in the region, working with one of the coolest guys (I won't mention who) and I am helping the region be successful. I am now working in the coolest job in the world.

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