Mark Williams

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It's hard to believe I've come full cycle in my career.

Growing up in a house on the Rappahannock Farm in Mt. Pleasant Township.... exploring the world and returning to Bloomsburg. Back to where I started from!!

The career began while I was a senior at Central Columbia High School on Old Berwick Road.... when I was hired to “play the hits” at 1280 / WBRX in Berwick.
Yeah.... we were using 45's & 33's. CD's weren't even in development back in the day.

From there... to the Wyoming Valley and 980 / WILK playing the hits on the weekend.

Here's where it gets interesting. All during this time my father, Cary Williams, was doing the same thing at the original 930 / WCNR, today's 930 / WHLM. The Darlington family lured me back from Wilkes-Barre. My Dad would wake up the Susquehanna Valley from 6 until 10 AM.... then yours truly was on the air from 10 AM thru 1 PM. It's very unusual for a father / son team to be at a radio station... especially in a small community.

In the mid – 70's I got pretty serious about the news business and was hired at 1290 / WNBF in Binghamton. Oh yeah.... the News Director was originally from Bloomsburg and worked at the original WCNR. See a pattern developing here.

There were high points… and low points… a “box walk” along the way… but after bouncing around in radio news… I found a reporter / anchor job in television in the Binghamton market.

It was at Channel 40 / WICZ – TV, which at the time, was the NBC affiliate. I eventually became News Director… hired people when a replacement was warranted… and fired people when the economy went south in the late ‘70’s. Then I packed the bags… I headed to Kearney, Nebraska to really hone my skills as a one – man – band for Channel 13 / KHGI – TV… one of the four stations of the NTV Network.

It was an interesting 18–months as I saw people exit the door every Friday and never return. Did some reporting, anchoring and for a time, the news department’s assignment editor. I turned out to be one of those who left on a Friday and never returned.

Hey… I’ve never been to Southwest Georgia. Let’s go there!!!
So the movers came to the house I'm on my way to Channel 10 / WALB – TV in Albany. Decent market, plenty of news and as the lead anchor… a very big fish in the 150th television market. But, when one gets bored.... one gets antsy… especially after 9–years in the pressure cooker of TV news, day in and day out. So the decision was made to either go to Washington, DC or Central Florida.

The Space Coast won out in 1991 working in Orlando radio news until I got the initial call from the Root Company and 1150 / WNDB - AM. Stayed with them for 18 – months… until “the call” came from International Speedway Corporation’s Motor Racing Network. The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series was coming on line… and I was tasked to be MRN Radio's Assistant General Manager.... and produce national broadcasts while traveling the USA on someone else’s dime.

T’was a hoot for nearly seven years… then Earnhardt’s death… and 9-11 changed everything.

I needed to get back in the trenches as a reporter and tell the story. Did some TV producing for Central Florida News 13 for a year… then got the call to return to 1150 / WNDB – AM under the ownership of Black Crow Media. I was there for seven years until the economy forced Black Crow to eliminate the news department.

By that time... was appearing regularly on the HLN's Nancy Grace Show and started a couple of businesses along the way.

MrNews Productions is an audio / video company... that branched off into the internet in the spring of '09 with the website After being told “I better get a real job...” Joe Reilly and his wife, Nancy, hired me in the summer of 2010 to be the News Director at 930 / WHLM.

Always admired Joe for what he's done since 2001 with a heritage frequency and call sign.

So this is where we come full circle in life.
Getting back to, literally, where it all began.
And, yes, you can come home..........

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