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Dave Reilly

Dave's News Roundup 6-22-17

Johnny Depp Jokes About Trump Assassination:

"I think [Donald] Trump needs help," he said in an article by The Telegraph. "There are a lot of dark places he could go." 
He added: "I'm not insinuating anything - by the way this will be in the press and it will be horrible - but when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?"
As I predicted in my blog post last week, the Media would continue to be complicit in radacalizing Leftists and continue encouraging violence against the Right. 
There is a protest that has been scheduled for this weekend, dubbed the Rally Against Leftist Violence.
It's worth noting that this "Rally Against Leftist Violence" is being organized by Lucian Wintrich of the Gateway Pundit and Laura Loomer of The Rebel Media, and it is scheduled for the EXACT SAME TIME as an already scheduled Alt-Right rally for Free Speech with Richard Spencer, Nathan Damigo (founder of the Identitarian group Identity Evropa), Jason Kessler, Baked Alaska, Mike Enoch and Agustus Invictus.
If that wan't enough tension for you already, Antifa, the domestic terrorist orginization responsible for the riots at the Presidential Inauguration and the 3 riots in Berkeley, CA, is ALSO holding an event dubbed "Speakout Against Fascism."


Conservative Counter-Culture - Rise Of Radical Nuns:

Sure, it might be a little intellectually dishonest of me to use a photo of nuns with guns for this article, but it got your attention didn't it?


In todays culture of degeneracy and moral relativism, more and more young women are being attracted to the exact opposite of what the Main Stream Media, Hollywood and MTV are trying to sell them. They're being attracted to a consecrated live of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience through the observance of Orthodox Catholicism.


We live in an age where femininity is being ditched for feminism, monogamy thrown out the window for promiscuity, and where men frequently act more like women... I could go on... But the point of this is that no matter how much Marxist  certain young souls are finding solace, peace and truth in the cloister.


29 year old Sister John Mary of the Catholic Religious Order "The Sisters of Life" said in an interview with the National Post "As our culture seeks to exclude God, we are attracted by a radical response to God... It’s very counter-cultural, but there’s a great joy and freedom in the vows that we take in poverty, chastity and obedience. And it’s kind of the opposite of what our culture offers.”


Ever since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), Vocations, or people who dedicate their lives to God and His Church, have been on the decline. That being said, Traditionalist and Orthodox orders within the Catholic Church have been growing at a vigorous rate...


The entire article is a VERY encouraging read, especially for anyone who has become convinced that people just don't love God anymore. Read it by Clicking Here.


Britain First Activists Attacked For Displaying Christian Cross:

Better late than never... During a demonstration on March 16th in a heavily Islamicized sector of London, the deputy leader of Britain First, Jayda Fransen, and her group of patriots were accosted by Muslims offended by the Christian symbol of the Cross, while they were walking through the streets.


Take a look at the disturbing video below:


Correlation Between Pot Smoking And Car Crashes:

A new study has been conducted in American states where Marijuana has been legalized, to determine if Marijuana is playing a role in car crashes. While it's not a dynamite report, the conclusion can be drawn that there has been a link between legal marijuana use and an increased risk of car crashes. 


The study which was carried out by the Highway Loss Data Institute, looked at Colorado, Oregon and Washington. According to CBS News, the report found a 3% increase in auto collision claim frequencies compared to states without legal weed.


David Zuby, chief research officer of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in response to the findings said, "Worries that legalized marijuana is increasing crash rates aren't misplaced... The HLDI's findings on the early experience in Colorado, Oregon and Washington should give other states eyeing legalization pause."


World Refugee Propaganda Video Flops:

June 20th was "World Refugee Day," and in "commemoration" of the "cultural enrichment" being experienced in the West, YouTube released a video produced by the International Rescue Committee. *Spoiler Alert* The International Rescue Committee is funded by none other than George Soros


The video was lauded by the Main Stream Media and the Left-Wing Blog-o-sphere, but because of the comment section, people were able to make their REAL thoughts known.


Click on any of these to enlarge:


The backlash didn't just happen in the comment's section... Take a look at the video's like to dislike ratio:

For those of you who like to crunch numbers and look at graphs, I've taken the liberty of preparing some visuals for you:


*Click To Enlarge*


For a thorough de-bunking of this latest piece of propaganda from YouTube, check out BlackPidgeonSpeak's video below:


Census Says Whites Set To Become Minority In America After 2040:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States is growing older and more ethnically diverse, a trend that could strain government programs from Medicare to education, the Census Bureau reported Thursday.
Every ethnic and racial group grew between 2015 and 2016, but the number of whites continued to increase at the slowest rate - less than one hundredth of 1 percent, or 5,000 people, the Census estimate shows. That's a fraction of the rates of growth for non-white Hispanics, Asians and people who said they are multi-racial, according to the government's annual estimates of population.




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